I will dot you with nabla, and calculate your gradient
Integrate you until I know everything that lies under those curves.
Back that equation up, and let me derive you out of existence.
I will find out exactly how you behave at infinity.
Like 45 degrees our position will be equally proportional to the square of  our parts.
So let’s multiply the love in our hearts,
Until it’s larger than a 12×12 tensor product.

Let me be your linear transformation from Cartesian to polar
So our basis will vary with the position of our vectors.
Lets form a subspace in this four dimensional reality
Where delta t becomes a higher order term we can ignore
In this Taylor series of love

I will calculate the forces in each member to maximize the strength of your pleasure.
In a infinite recursion cycle that will make your system crash
And leave you messier than a Mandelbrot set of complex numbers

Check the math the impulse of my rocket has enough thrust put you in an orbit that will take days to complete.
The natural frequency our bodies will multiply like a vibrations in a non-Newtonian fluid building until the climax.
Releasing standing waves that propagate at the speed of light
Inducing the electricity in your eyes, and the passion of your bite
Let the diffraction of the night reflect the color of your eyes

The velocity at which you fall isn’t fixed in a vacuum
This ridged body motion is more than an analysis
A system this complex can’t be modeled as a particle
Don’t even try.

Exploring our souls we will find our strange attractors form beautiful fractals
Unlike anything ever modeled before, let’s find the answer to our differential
Equation by Gaussian elimination until we are left with our identities.
Forming our bond like an othronormal basis built from eigenvectors our love is
Coordinate invariant and therefore unchanging

But let’s not get irrational we don’t want to make this become imaginary.
Our equation maybe in strong form, but love is must be quantified extensively
And life is anything but isotropic we must continue to change and adapt in ways Darwin can only imagine.

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